As a newly formed organization with broad objectives, The League of Hard Flooring Professionals realizes the importance of professional corporate structure and its sustainability. From its inception “The League” has always believed that people will be the heart and soul of the organization and that it is those people with passion for our industry that will develop, build and maintain it. With this in mind “The League” has chosen to invite key professional leaders from our industry to participate as the Initial Organization Committee with the objective of engineering the corporate    structure.

The definition of a floor is "the inside bottom surface of a room", if you are in a building, you are on a floor.

About Us

Over the past number of years the hard surface flooring market has caught up with the textile industry and is becoming ever more popular. Flooring manufacturers have increased their offerings by expanding categories, introducing new classifications and developing innovative engineered modifications to satisfy the need. The radical changes in the hard surface flooring market have created a call for better understanding of the materials used and all their applications. The challenge for the next generation of flooring professionals will be the ability to identify and correctly develop programs for them.

The League of Hard Flooring Professionals has acknowledged this necessity with the intent of meeting the challenge.

Using a transparent team approach with mutual respect, the highest standards of ethics, moral values, and integrity the “League” will create and develop training, 

instruction and educational requirements designed

to satisfy certification, qualification and university 

programs to enhance career path development. 

Additionally the “League” will align with standards

writing organizations to develop written standards 

for the trades within the hard surface flooring industry. 

Stanley Quentin Hulin

“The League” is inviting you as an outstanding professional in your respective field to serve as a member of the organization committee. By accepting this proposal you will also be accepting a board position on the original board of directors for a period of...

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The League of Hard Floor Professionals

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